2018 Mentoring Program


CoreNet Global Australia is pleased to announce the Mentoring Program, launched at the 2017 Humans in the Connected World conference held in Melbourne on September 6th.

 This program is specifically designed to address two of the key objectives for year that were set by CoreNet Global Australia, being:

Diversity and Empowerment; and 

Future Ready Talent

Sponsor, Mentor or Coach? 

The words Sponsor, Mentor and Coach are often used interchangeably, but they do not describe the same types of relationships. All share a similar basic goal for an individual, around learning and development within an organisation or industry, leading to peak performance and the realisation of full potential. However, the definition, focus, role, approach, and tools of each are different, as detailed in the schedule below:





Key Goals

To have leaders within your organisation recognise your skills and consciously support your advancement

To improve performance, to impart skills and to change behaviours related to specific career development goals.

To support and guide your personal growth and career aspirations within your industry or area of interest. 


The individual takes responsibility to manage their own careers by identifying/engaging with key sponsors. 

The individual (with or without the company support) appoints the coach who takes the initiative in directing and driving the learnings.

The individual takes the initiative, identifying the mentor, sets the agenda requesting to meet as required and is in charge of the learning process. 


Usually informal although some organisation may have set internal talent identification programs with assigned sponsors.

Coaching arrangements are usually business/commercial arrangements with the coach paid for the coaching.

Arrangement is on a voluntary basis with the relationship focused on best interests without commercial benefit.


Usually focused on growth within an organisation and succession planning.

Usually focused on meeting specific issues and challenges.

Usually broader vision and longer term focused on personal career development.


Can be short or longer term but usually based on the employment within the organization.

Short term and as needed but usually with set duration based on commercial relationship.

Usually a long term and on-going relationship but individual may outgrow the mentor.


May be formal or informal relationship with one or more senior leaders within the organisation and focus is based on growth and being recognised within the organization.

Formal and structured arrangements focused on personal development areas, providing instruction and feedback, setting targets, action plans and goals.

Format is heavy on listening, role modeling, making connections, providing guidance and suggestions in less formal arrangement and meeting as and when. 


Sponsor is usually more senior party within the organisation, but relationship may be challenged by an individual’s growth trajectory.

Coach is usually a specialist or industry focused and based on business arrangement paid for by the individual or sponsoring company.

Mentor is a generally a senior, wiser and caring friend or acquaintance who is inspired by the potential of the individual. 


Sponsor is usually from the same sector and/or industry the company operates in but may be from a different discipline.

Coach does not need to come from the same industry, but will likely have specialist skills in the area of development.

Mentor should have some experience or good understanding from a similar industry or sector.

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