2018 Mentoring Program

Who should apply to be a Mentee? 

All ambitious individuals involved in some aspect of the CRE industry, who are eager to learn and gain wisdom within their field of endeavour can benefit from having a mentor. This is particularly true for those individuals that are new to an organisation and/or the CRE industry and are feeling a little unfamiliar. However, to benefit individuals need to be self-aware and appreciate the need to learn and grow as individuals. There is no age limit and the Program is not limited to either gender. For a mentoring relationship to work, there should be mutual respect and trust. The focus of the mentee/mentor relationship needs to more career-orientated rather than only job-orientated.

Prospective Mentees need to be members of CoreNet Global. For those who are not currently members, a membership application will need to be submitted with your application for the program.  

How can a prospective Mentee become part of the Program? 

CoreNet Global Australia is inviting applications from emerging industry leaders to be part of the Program. The applications will be assessed by the Mentorship Program Committee and the top ten applicants will be assigned to one of the ten Mentors after discussions have been held with the Mentors.

More information regarding the program can be viewed here.

Places for the 2018 Program have now been filled. Applications for the 2019 Program will open in September 2018.