QPCR Scholarship

2023 QPCR Scholarship

Professional development is so important for everyone, but especially so in the early stages of your career. That’s why CoreNet Global Australia Young Leaders is excited to announce the inaugural Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate (QPCR) scholarship.

This scholarship is valued at over $1,600 and is open to any fully paid-up member of CoreNet Global Australia.  

About the Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate

QPCR is a virtual, self-paced program designed to help you build a strong foundation in corporate real estate (CRE), enhance your business and leadership skills, and develop your professional network. This unique program gives you what you need to succeed: 

  • Essential CRE knowledge
  • Business and leadership skills
  • Strategic and global awareness.

The QPCR aids you in your professional development by providing the following: 

  • Personalised learning experiences through a variety of learning options
  • Content delivery that includes eLearning courses, virtual classroom seminars and classroom based local workshops 
  • Strong professional network through mentoring, volunteering and university ambassador opportunities

Find out more about the QPCR here

2023 QPCR Scholarship recipient

This year, CoreNet Global Australia Chapter has offered its first scholarship place to the CoreNet Global Qualified Professional of Corporate Real Estate (QPCR) program. We were wowed by the quality of the applications and are thrilled to announce that this year’s QPCR scholarship goes to Cida Ghosn.

Cida is currently a PhD candidate at University of Melbourne, conducting research on the impact of WELL certification in corporate Australia, analysing the expected and actual impact of the WELL certification.

Cida’s CRE journey started in Brazil, where she was managing her own architecture firm, including designing commercial and office buildings. As part of a master’s degree, she came to Australia for an exchange program, and has subsequently been granted Australian permanent residency and progressed her research career.

Cida says that winning this QPCR scholarship will have two core benefits. “Firstly, it will benefit my research on CRE in corporate Australia, helping me to develop strategies that align with an organisation’s strategic goals. Secondly, the QPCR will improve my leadership skills and continue to build my professional network here in Australia, as well as sharing my own knowledge and experience.”